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News letter – Bullet Mat Club


The following is a list of “off season” events, activities, and opportunities sponsored by the Bullet Mat Club.  If you are serious about being a championship caliber wrestler, take advantage of these opportunities to learn and improve!


Monthly – 1st Tuesday of the month – Jun. 6, Jul. 2, Aug 6, Sept. 3.

Who:           Elementary and Jr. High Wrestlers

Where:          HS wrestling room.  7-9 p.m. 

What:          Techniques and “favorite moves” taught by former and current varsity wrestlers.  Guest instructors include Joey Lovello, Anthony Corpora, Matt Guererri, Dave Moyer, Mike Mackie and others.

Late August , early September

Who:           Elementary through High School wrestlers

Where:          Either September 14th or 21st (TBD)

What:         Private Saturday clinic by the Bononamo Brothers – only for Brandywine Wrestlers.  Don’t miss this!



Wrestling Camps, Clinics, Tournaments:

                   The Bullet Mat Club has established a fund to reimburse wrestlers a portion of the costs associated with participation in events designed to improve wrestling skills.  During the period of April 1 through October 1, all wrestlers (Elementary, Jr. High, and High School) who have attended wrestling camps, clinics, tournaments may submit paid receipts for consideration.  Immediately after October 1, all receipts will be tallied and a proportional reimbursement will be made, subject to a limit per wrestler, and the fund total. 


For updated information Visit the Official Bullet Mat Club web site at:



                   BULLET MAT CLUB


                   This form is to be used for the Bullet Mat Club to consider reimbursement for some or all of the expenses incurred for attending club recognized wrestling camps, clinics, or tournaments between 4/1/02 and 10/1/02.  If applicable, use a separate form for each event.



Name of Wrestler :_________________________________


Name and address of person to be reimbursed:





Phone Number: ______________________



Name of Event: _______________________________________


Location of Event:_____________________________________

    (attach brochure or advertisement)


Dates of Attendance: ________________________________


Cost:______________ (attached receipt or canceled check)



Signature of Wrestler: ______________________


Signature of Person to be reimbursed:___________________





SUBMIT COMPLETED FORM TO KELLY MACKIE AT 139 Hardt Hill Road Bechtelsville Pa 19505 BY 10/15/02.  Any Questions, please call : 610-845-7866