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                                  Berks County  All-Division Three Team

103          Pat Murray, Wyomissing
                Sophomore; League Record: 5-0; Season Record 23-8; Season
                Highlights- Third at York Suburban To Eighth at Governor
                Mifflin Tournament, Third at AA Sectional Tournament
112          Kyle Kemmerer, Brandywine
                Junior; Season Record 39-13; Career Record: 83-29 Season Highlights:
                First in Sectional Tournament, Second in Brandywine Tournament, Fourth
                in Governor Mifflin Tournament, Fifth in District and Regional
                Tournaments, State Qualifier
119          Addison Nuding, Schuylkill Valley
                Freshman; League Record: 5-0; Season/Career Record- 23-16; Season
                Highlights: Fourth at Sectional Tournament, Sixth at Christmas
                Tournament, Sixth at BCIAA Tournament, Most important win at
125          Chris Langdon, Wyomissing
                Sophomore; League Record: 5-O;Season Record: 11--12; Season
                Highlights: Second in York Suburban Tournament
130          Steve Strachan, Brandywine
                Sophomore; Season Record: 28-12; Career Record: 42-30; Season
                Highlights- Fourth in Sectional Tournament, Sixth in District
                Tournament, Fourth in BCIAA Tournament., Third in Brandywine
                Tournament, Sixth in Governor Mifflin Tournament
135          Dave Moyer, Brandywine
                Senior; Season Record: 38-10; Career Record: 105-43; Season Highlights:
                First at Brandywine Tournament, Second at Governor Mifflin
                Tournament, Fourth at BCIAA Tournament, Third at Sectional
                Tournament, Third at District Tournament, Fifth at Regional Tournament,
                Eighth at State Tournament
140          Mike Mackie. Brandywine
                Sophomore; Season Record: 35-12; Career Record: 62-28; Season
                Highlights: Second, in Brandywine Tournament, Third in BCIAA
                Tournament, Third in Governor Mifflin Tournament, First in Sectional
                Tournament Second in District Tournament, Third in Regional
                Tournament, State Qualifier
140          Dan Jacob, Schuylkill Valley
                Senior; League Record: 5-0 Season Record: 26-1 1; Career Record: 44-27;
                Season Highlights: Fifth place at Christmas Tournament, Third place at
                Sectional Tournament, Most important win was beating the district
145          Julian Counihan, Wyomissing
                Senior; League Record: 5-0; Season Record: 15-13; Season Highlights:
                Third in York Suburban Tournament, Eighth in Governor Mifflin

145         Steve Wise, Schuylkill Valley
               Senior; League Record. 5-O; Season Record: 24-12; Season Highlights:
               Fifth in Christmas Tournament, Second in Sectional Tournament, Fourth
               in BCIAA Tournament
152         Eric Kollar, Schuylkill Valley 
               Senior, League Record: 5-0; Season Record 35-7; Career Record: 113-
               50; Season Highlights: Third Williamsport Top Hat Tourmament First
               at Christmas Tournament, First at Sectional Tournament, Second at
               District Tournament, Fifth at Regional Tournament
152         Justin Shoemaker, Brandywine
               Junior; Season Record. 10-18; Career Record: 15-20
160         David Mendoza, Wyomissing
               Freshman; League Record; 5-0 Season Record: 12-12; Season
               Highlights: Second in York Suburban Tournament
171         Kevin Krause, Kutztown
171         Kevin Bordner, Tulpehocken
189         Justin Betz Brandywine
               Junior, Season Record: 33-15; Career Record: 72-33; Season Highlights:
               Second in Brandywine Tournament, Third in Governor Miifflin
               Tournament, Fourth in BCIAA Tournament, Third in Sectional
               Tournament, Fourth in District Tournament, Sixth in Regional    
HWT      Dave Yoder, Kutztown

                            Division Three Honorable Mention
103         Jon Reichlein, Schuylkill Valley
112         Steve Fehnel, Schuylldll Valley
119         Daniel Brocious, Kutztown
125         Damien DeAntonia, Schuylkill Valley
130         Josh Balthaser, Tulpehocken
135         Sean Hill, Wyomissing
160         Nate Ottaviani, Schuylkill Valley
189         Nolan Kilgannon, Central Catholic
HWT      Brian Shoop, Wyomissing




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